Thursday, August 04, 2005

Spectacular Glacier Calving

Will I see glacier calving on an Alaska Glacier Cruise?

Imagine looking from your ship toward the massive ice formations of a calving glacier. Feel the coolness of the clean Alaska air. Hear the crack of the ice as it slowly moves forward, carving its path toward the sea. Witness glacier calving. Calving! Wow, what a site. Massive chunks of ice crashing into the water, small fragments of ice that enlarge to avalanches as they gather speed down the face of the glacier and huge ice cubes breaking off below the water’s surface and exploding with enough force to destroy a small boat. These three types of calving are almost always visible from the ship as it turns sideways to the glacier.

Holland America offers the number one glacier experience - Glacier Bay Cruising. Glacier Bay is offered on all three major cruise experiences, the inside passage roundtrip from either Seattle or Vancouver or cruising north or southbound between Vancouver and Seward. Holland provides deck chairs, blankets and hot soup for glacier viewing.

Princess offers the Voyage of the Glaciers to the thundering icebergs of Glacier Bay. Glacier Bay is offered on every Gulf of Alaska Cruise. For the ultimate, combine this cruise with a rail and lodge package for a spectacular Alaska experience.

View the magnificent Hubbard Glacier from the deck of Royal Caribbean’s Vision or Radiance of The Seas. Be part of the excitement as icebergs are formed right before your eyes. Schedule a shore excursion and get personal with a glacier via helicopter. Boots and cold weather gear are furnished for your walk on the icy surface.

What ever your choice, Alaska Glacier Cruising is a fabulous vacation that shouldn’t be missed. Alaska is wild, rugged and spectacular. Don’t fail to visit this untamed land soon.


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